Team audit services

Andreas Oester

Member of the Board of Directors
  • Swiss Certified Accountant
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Licensed audit expert
  • Member of EXPERTsuisse OASI subcommittee
  • Partner, Member of the Board of Directors

Practice areas

  • Audit and advisory services
  • Auditing occupational benefit schemes
  • Auditing of OASI compensatory schemes (cantonal compensatory schemes and compensatory schemes of unions), family compensation schemes and IV entities
  • Performance of OASI employer verifications
  • Introduction and application of higher accounting standards (Swiss GAAP FER and IFRS)
  • Audits in compliance with special laws
  • Setting up, developing and verification of internal control systems

Industry experience

  • Pension funds and foundations
  • OASI equalisation schemes
  • National and international companies and groups
  • Industrial companies
  • Commercial and service companies
  • Software development
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical technology


1997–2001Head of the Branch Adelboden by Raiffeisenbank Frutigland
1998–2002Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
2002–2014Auditor, Senior Manager with an international audit company in Berne
Graduated with Swiss Certified Accountant and IFRS Accountant
2008Authorisation by the Federal Department of Social Insurance as lead auditor for insurance scheme audits and verifications of employers
2015Joined T+R Ltd.
2020Member of EXPERTsuisse OASI subcommittee
Member of the Board of Directors