Team advisory services

Philipp Burri

  • Swiss Certified Fiduciary Expert
  • Swiss certified banking Expert with Advanced Federal Diploma of Professional Education and Training (PET)
  • Licensed audit expert
  • Director

Practice areas

  • Advisory services for financial statements and tax matters
  • Organisation of accounts
  • Accompanying the incorporation of companies
  • Advice on management and organisation
  • Finance and occupational benefits planning
  • Company valuations
  • Tax consultancy for companies and entrepreneurs
  • Company restructurings
  • Tax planning and optimisation for private persons and companies
  • Auditing annual financial statements

Industry experience

  • Service branch
  • Ancillary construction trades
  • Commerce and business enterprises
  • Medical practices


1988–1995Client relationship manager in a regional and major bank
1991–1994Qualification as a graduate banking expert
1996–1998Qualification as Fiduciary with swiss examination
1995–2000Management consultant (banking sector) with an international audit company
2000-2008Account manager with a major audit company
2001-2003Qualification as a graduate audit expert
2008Joined T+R Ltd.
2015Member of the Board of Directors
2017Resignation from partner committee and Board of Directors