Team advisory services

Adrian Steffen

CEO – Member of the Management Committee
  • Swiss Certified Fiduciary Expert
  • College of Higher Professional & Education and Training (PET) Degree in Business Administration
  • MAS FH in auditing and management consultancy
  • Licensed audit expert
  • Partner, CEO – Member of the Management Committee

Practice areas

  • Advice on and design of financial statements
  • Organisation of accounts
  • Accompanying the incorporation of companies
  • Succession arrangements and company sales
  • Management consulting and advice for SMEs and their proprietors
  • Finance and occupational benefits planning
  • Company valuations
  • Acceptance of management mandates
  • Tax consultancy for companies and entrepreneurs
  • Company restructurings
  • Auditing annual financial statements

Industry experience

  • Service branch
  • Ancillary construction trades
  • Commerce and business enterprises
  • Non-profit organisations
  • Public law institutions


1992-1995Bank auditor
1996Joined T+R Ltd.
1994–1997Qualification as HF management consultant
2001–2003Qualification as trustee with Federal certificate
2009–2011Qualification as graduate trustee
MAS FH (Masters Degree) in auditing and management consultancy
2015Member of the Board of Directors
2018CEO – Member of the Management Committee